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The object is located on its own land (circa1,000 m2) in a quiet part of the Mitterfirmiansreut municipality in an altitude of1,040 mand offers a wonderful panoramic view over the Sumava andBavarianForest.  The object is suitable for undisturbed family recreation as well as for collective sojourns. Four entirely separate apartments are available for guests. 
The larger of them (apartments A and C) dispose of a capacity of 8 beds. They consist of a living room with a colour TV – SAT, an equipped kitchenette with sitting separated by a bar and three bedrooms (1 x 3 single beds, 1 x 2 single beds, 1 x double bed). In the living room, you can take advantage of a convertible sofa. There is a bathroom with shower and toilet. 
The smaller ones (apartments B and D) dispose of a capacity of up to 6 beds. They consist of a living room with a colour TV – SAT, an equipped kitchenette with sitting separated by a bar and two bedrooms (1 x 3 single beds, 1 x double bed). In the living room, you can take advantage of a convertible sofa. There is a bathroom with shower and toilet. 
Naturally, there is warm water in each of the apartments. In the cellar, there is space for each of the apartments for safekeeping of bikes or skis. Behind the house, there is an outside sitting under the shadow of full-grown trees and a wonderful panoramic view over theSumavaMountains. There is a possibility to take advantage of an outside barbecue grill. Parking is also available. The apartments are available for guests at all times year-round. They are equipped in a stylish and modern way. Over the winter time, the heating is ensured by a central boiler. Is here good signal for your mobile phone. 

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And how to find us? It is very easy!
Autobahn A3 (highway) from the direction ofNurembergor the Autobahn A92 from the direction ofMunich. At the highway interchange Deggendorf, continue in the direction of Passau/Linz. You may either exit at Hengersberg and follow the B533 in the direction of Grafenau, or exit Aicha v. Wald in the direction of Freyung.
Having arrived to Mitterfirmiansreut, follow the „Zentralkasse“ signpost as the searched object is located directly under the main cash register under one of the ski slopes. Everything is very well marked so that it is hopefully not possible to get lost.

Apartmánový dům Almberg Neighbourhood

Our vacation region lies in the border triangleCzechRepublic,AustriaandGermany, right in the "Heart of Europe". It is located only two hours from the "GoldenCity"Pragueand fromMunich. Almost in immediate proximity lies the splendid cities Prachatice (45 km), Vimperk (35 km), Budejovice /Budweis (80 km), and Krumlov (70 km) which is romantically situated in theVltava(Moldau) river setting. Enjoy various sports offered on and around the Lipno reservoir at the edge of theSumavaNational Parknear the boarder Philippsreut / Strazny.
Passau(55 km) is only a step away. Here you can enjoy the panoramic view of the "City on theThreeRivers; - the Danube, theInnand the Ilz.
Regensburg(150 km) and Deggendorf (70 km) both with their medieval charm and large squares invite you to shop and stroll along the narrow streets. 

The future ofEuropedoes not only rely on individual countries but on individual regions as well. As for the central Europe, theBavarianForestand Sumava are by far the largest continuously forested area that is not traversed by highways and thus represents a unique location for relaxation. In the national reserves of theBavarianForestand Sumava, there is, more than anywhere else, variety of original fauna and flora preserved. Not without reason was Sumava voted the "Landscape of the year 2000" by the “Naturfreunde – International” organization. Discover for yourself this touristic, cycling and skiing paradise without boundaries that is found on the "Green roof ofEurope“.  You can engage yourself in sports, breathing the pure forest air and discovering such natural treasures as glacial lakes, morasses or wild valley with river springs as well as you can discover the regional cultural and historical heritage and engage yourself in a number of cultural activities. Mitterfirmiansreut is an ideal starting point for your discovery trips.

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Hints for recreation :

Thanks to its unique location in the BavarianForest, at the border with the Czech Republicand high altitude (circa 1,040 m), Mitterfirmiansreut offers its visitors countless numbers of leisure-time activities all year round.
The Border triangle of the Bavarian Forest - right in the centre of Europe – lies in one of the biggest intact woodlands in Europe. Parts of the Bavarian Forest on German side, of the Bohemian Forest on Czech side combined with the 'Muhlviertel' on Austrian side build a piece of gewellerz that inspires any nature lover. Come and enjoy the pristine nature of the diversified recreation area and use the innumerable possibilities for tracking and other sports!
The Almberg Mountain (1.139 m) is the home mountain of the Mitterfirmiansreut winter ski centre. The Haidel Mountain, 1.167 m (3,829 ft) high, is the landmark of the region which offers you a panoramic view over the wonderful Bavarian and Bohemian Forests. Walk through ancient timber forests in an area known as the „green roof of Europe“.
Hike up the tri-country Dreisessel Mountain (1.312 m, 4,304 ft) with its bizarre cliffs and rock formations. Enjoy pure nature – we welcome you to the Haidel Region. Up to 400 years old pine trees, mysterious mountain moorlands, colourful mountain meadows with rare species of flora and fauna, picturesque moorlands, occurrence of unique pearl-oyster.... Traditional cultural landscape with its diverse biotopes is genuinely beautiful!
Wonderful borderland hikes await you here. Rolling countryside, rugged mountain forests, lovely valleys with gurgling creeks – take a deep breath of fresh air and enjoy nature at its best. Climb the Dreisessel Mountain, for example, and then take a walk across the border into Austria. Whichever tourist or cycling path you choose, you will love it, for you can truly gain energy from unique nature everywhere here and you return home enriched with new experiences.
Follow ancient trade routes and walk the „Golden Path“, one of the most important trade routes in former centuries. Along this wild and romantic route you will find villages that date back to the Middle Ages. The annual „Saumerfest“ is an inherent part of the calendar of events.
Hike a path leading you to ancient chapels or discover some of the secrets of nature along another one. Discover the secret of nature while walking down the educational trails. Find out more about medieval salt traders and become familiar with glassmaking. As well as learning a lot you will find the beauties of nature all along the way. Wherever you let your feet guide you, you will find natural wonders everywhere... 

As soon as the winter comes, the otherwise quiet mountain villageof Mitterfirmiansreutchanges into a winter sport centre and local life takes on intensity. Between Christmas and the end of March, the ski resort around Almberg (1139 above the sea level) is usually covered by continuous blanket of snow.
In case of, and contrary to all expectations, shortage of snow, the Großer Almberg and Kleiner Almberg ski slopes are snowed artificially. The ski centre offers its visitors five modern double-chair ski lifts and one single-chair lift with a total transport capacity of 7.000 persons/hour and mechanically treated ski slopes.
Under the peak of Almberg, there is the main crossroad of local skiing trails. If you are lucky with weather, you can hardly fail to notice the alpine massif that fringes a large part of the south skyline. Having enjoyed the view, you can choose your way down. Three directions can be chosen to go down the Almberg. The choice consists of one blue ski-slope, almost equally wide as long, furthermore one narrow blue ski-slope leading through forest and the top of the day is the red one with number 4, equipped with a new double-chair lift. The slope is relatively new just like the accompanying double-chair lift and has an even and regular shape and decent width. Supply of well preserved artificial snow functions as a snow foundation and compensates the handicap of a south-oriented slope. If properly populated, this slope would suit the race carvers as well. On the contrary, the above mentioned blue ski-slope is built for quit family down-hill skiing and easy curve carving. However, a faster skier is likely to taste is only once and then will start looking for something more 'cool'. Yet, a family with children can spend a pleasant afternoon on it. The other blue slope leads a skier through forest on the northern part of the hill and further on to an illuminated meadow with a ski-lift. The visual map shows that there is one more ski-slope in the area. It lies under the parking place and leads down the North Slope all the way to a valley creek that forms the border between the Czech Republic and Bavaria. Although the slope is supported by a somewhat less comfortable double T-bar lift, it is difficult to say goodbye to it. The wide slalom ski-slope with a sharper section in the middle offers to a good skier perhaps everything that can be looked for in these conditions. Its quality is usually intensified by a low number of visitors. If you can’t manage to brake in time under the slope, you will find yourself back in the Czech Republic.
Two skiing schools offer to beginners, false beginners or to those who want to get retrained to carving skis or snowboard an opportunity to learn within a couple of hours how to elegantly master every ski-slope.

For the youngest participants (from 2 years) is on the sunny side of the mountain the course “skiing for juniors”. Here the can gain their first experience with the “magic skis”. In one part of this closed area you’ll find 2 “magic carpets”, a mini ski lift, a carousel, and a “warm” playhouse with toilet. 

There are several hundreds of miles of cross-country skiing courses awaiting you in the Haidel Region. Cross the border into the Bohemian Forestand discover the area on skis. Make your way through pristine countryside and make sure you stop every now and then to enjoy the perfect serenity of a winter’s forest. Take a route from the Arber to the national forest and then on to the DreisesselMountain- that is 150 kilometres(about 90 miles) of pure BavarianForest... From the Javor over the National park all the way to the DreisesselMountainyou can cross-country-ski through wonderful and untouched nature down the 150 kmof treated ski tracks. This cross-country track has been engineered with a huge respect to nature – you can expect a genuine experience from nature!
In the surroundings of Almberg, there are more than 30 km of cross-country-ski tracks with various levels of difficulty prepared for langlaufers. Be it the silence of a fascinating winter landscape around the treated winter trails for hikers or be it your wish to cross-country-ski down the treated ski-tracks across a snowy forest – you will breathe fresh air that will let you forget the everyday stress.
From beginners to racers, for families or seniors? Training slopes and ski-slopes are here for everyone as well as langlauf tracks with various levels of difficulty.

 Hints for trips :  

Your holiday in the tri-country is ideal for trips to three countries. And there is plenty to see: the national park, the Arber,Passauwith its three rivers, Munichor Regensburg.
Or head into Upper Austria with the lively city ofLinzor visit the Premonstratensian canon chapter Schlagl in Aigen, or head toSalzburgorVienna.
You can also visit the „GoldenCity“ ofPragueor see Pilsen, Krummau or Prachatitz or take an antique steam train through theBohemian Forest.
A real enumeration would require much more space.

Everything is possible - have a good trip!

Apartmánový dům Almberg

Am Dorfplatz 1, 94158 Mitterfirmiansreut, Stožec
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